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- an introduction and team building activity
  from the AEI Group Leader's Tool Kit

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Quick Stress Relief & Energizer

Play golf or have a friend who does? Then you already have your own Quick Stress Reliever and Mini Massager. If not, pick up a wooden ball at any craft store or use any small hard ball. You can do this exercise at your desk, at home, on a flight, in a hotel room or even during a meeting or training event - anywhere you need some quick relief from stress and tension or want to improve your energy and attention span.

Acupressure and Reflexology identify points on the feet and hands that connect to different parts of the body. By using a small ball to put pressure on selected points, you can help relieve stress and increase your energy. As with any activity, consult with your doctor if you have an injury or a medical problem with your feet or hands before doing this activity.





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