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The INDIVIDUAL & TEAM CUSTOM CHECK-UP TOOL is made-to-order reflecting your specific needs and can be used for checking learning and skills, assessing knowledge or collecting information and opinions from individuals, teams and groups.

  • Assess specific conditions in teams, groups or in an organization
  • Check retention of learning or skills from training programs
  • Collect information or opinions from staff or customers
  • Assess strengths and areas for improvement
  • Evaluate training or development needs
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CONTENT of the CHECK-UP TOOL is formatted to a company or organization's specific needs, program, or content area that they wish to check or assess.

EASY CLICK AND SEND FORMAT: Participants select one of 5 responses in each area. After completing it, they email it back to AEI for a computer generated summary. Individual and/or group results can be sent back to each participant and the company or organization.

PREFER PAPER? A paper version with self "scoring" is also available and produces results in a graphic format that shows highs and lows or strengths and weaknesses which can be addressed individually or in a group setting.

  • FORMS WITH DIRECTIONS; printed forms and complete written directions for self-administration and "scoring" of paper version.

  • ON-LINE; participants take survey on line. AEI creates results charts and returns these by email.

  • FACILITATED SESSION; includes all materials and a workshop led by an AEI consultant who will conduct the Check-Up process with your group or team and facilitate analysis and discussion of the results.

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