Innovative products designed and created by AEI Senior Partner, Stephen W. Emmons, and published by ERI Press, a division of AEI. We also feature selected products by AEI Associates and Network Partners for trainers, leaders, educators, counselors, youth workers, psychologists and clergy as well as for other individuals and families.

Feelings MarketplaceTM an AEI-ERI Original Product
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Feelings Marketplace Cards
* Identify & deal with feelings
* Process group dynamics
* Get acquainted activities
* Education and counseling

Deck of 146 different cards including activity directions; printed in black ink, heavyweight 5"x8" white card stock. In print since 1988. Used by hundreds of organizations.

Clients include: Levi Strauss, US Army, Vail Resorts & Spa, Exxon Mobile, Girl Scouts, psychologists, corporate trainers, churches, universities, grief counselors.

Kids Have Feelings TooTM an AEI-ERI Original Product
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Kids Have Feelings Too Cards
* Kids' artistic style
* Simpler vocabulary
* Coated stock resists wear
* Fun, learning & unlimited uses

Features 73 different cards & 10 starter activities; printed in dark blue ink, heavyweight 5"x8" white card stock. Identify and talk about feelings, teach vocabulary, start discussions, stimulate creativity.

Used by teachers, counselors, leaders for school classes, youth groups, counseling sessions, family programs.

Individual & Team Custom Check-Up ToolTM an AEI-ERI Original Product
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Check-Up Tool

MULTIPURPOSE-CUSTOMIZED ASSESSMENT TOOL adapted to your content and specific needs. Self-scoring paper version or computer completed versions submitted by email to AEI for "scoring." Graphic results are produced with either process.

New Products under Development AEI-ERI Original Products
Group Leaders Tool Kit

3-R CARDSTM - Reflect, Relate, Response: 300+ multi-use color photograph cards; people, places, objects; directions for 30 activities, unlimited additional uses.

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THE GROUP LEADER'S TOOL KITTM - CD Book of 101 activities including:
* warm-ups * discussion starters * communication * teamwork * values * closing activities

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