What We Do Training & Courses
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COMMUNICATION TRAINING "The real skill is to be able to talk so others will listen and listen so others will talk."

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT "The myth of leadership: you must know everything and personally solve all problems. The successful leader fully utilizes the knowledge and resources of their people and makes sure all problems get solved."

PROBLEM SOLVING & DECISION MAKING "Making a decision or solving a problem: If you don't want to lose, make sure the other doesn't lose."


PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT "Powerful, positive, productive; make it happen in work and life."

SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING "People make the decision to buy, not when you are talking, they make the decision to buy when they are talking, so talk less and listen more."

TEAMBUILDING & TEAMWORK "Combining the strength of the individual with the power of a team for the success of the Organization."


YOUTH PROGRAMS - Action for Life "Take action; make things happen - connect, communicate, cooperate."

TEACHER TRAINING "Creating cooperative, productive environments in which students flourish and teachers feel rewarded."

PARENT EDUCATION "Stuck being an authoritarian or permissive parent? There is another way."

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