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AEI PROFESSIONALS have worked in 28 countries and represent a variety of disciplines, including business, psychology, education, communication, teamwork, human resources, negotiation, leadership, management and organizational development.

AEI'S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY includes extensive training and proven experience for all of our trainers, consultants and instructors. Locations for train-the-trainer and instructor training programs have included Denmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the USA.

MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: AEI trainers can work in seven languages with additional languages available through our Network Associates.


FIVE CATEGORIES of AEI training and consulting professionals:

  • AEI Staff Trainers & Consultants
  • In-Company Trainers
  • Independent Associate Trainers
  • Instructors of Specialized AEI courses
  • Network Associates - trainers & consultants from organizations in our network

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER PROGRAMS: options include becoming an independent AEI Associate Trainer or an In-House Trainer in your company or organization.

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EXPERIENCED WORKING WITH TRANSLATORS AND LARGE AUDIENCES In addition to small groups, courses and workshops, our trainers and consultants are experienced partnering with translators to deliver seminars, motivational speeches and presentations to large audiences at conferences and symposiums

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